28 November 2011

Skirts Cobain.

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I've never met a caftan I didn't like, Iman once mentioned. Let's alter that statement with skirt, and you can quote me on that. Over the weeks, I've been in-love with skirts and I want some more, particularly an orange skirt with nemo-like stripes and a faded denim balloonish kind for no apparent reason. I'll be back for you two, I promise. I wish I can whip up a deeper story behind a purchase like Garance does, but nope, they're just all on sale, that's why. Like haller. I particularly love the Chinoiserie feel of that skirt, the one in the middle. Oh yeah, I forgot, it's moving. That, that, that one. It's my favorite! It has yabang pockets, ribbon waist and the fold in the middle is an artwork. Perfeito!


j. said...

super pretty.ok ill buy you some skirts too.

gumagarance ka teh?

jayde said...

dore dore.