18 January 2012


Two weeks is short. And it became even shorter with unexpected happenstance.
A series of heartrending, unfortunate events. But i'm glad I got to spend some time with my ginger
and her gingerettes. No amount of pasalubong can top that. Errr. Nyahaha.
Mornings are quite different when they left. No more Phineas and Ferb in the afternoons.
Evenings are a lot quieter and hushed. Some days you think, Oh yeah! I wish we could have done that.
Or man, how come we didn't go to this and that place. There's always a tinge of regret.
There's always a lump in your throat, a lump of sadness that wells up every time you see them leave.

What the eff.
How come I don't have pictures here?


j. said...

sadness.ya,you weren't in my camera too.which is like weird,hun.

wer r u??chat.very bad/good news.

jayde said...

heard about the news!
ish not fairrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!