07 February 2012


The side effect of Typography. I wanna put words into everything. Even my face.
I love the idea of virtually scribbling words into a photograph. Personalizing it in my own little crazy way.
The font is much better than my own handwriting.
Mini-postcards for everyday. More everyday flats for the everyday girl.
Spreading artichoke love in french bread swimming in its heavy butter glory.
Brewed coffee disguising as iced coffee.
And Woody Allen's witty, intelligent writing giving me a headache.

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conrad garcia said...

It's demotivating to read my own handwriting or anyone's handwriting these days. It's a luxury pick different kinds of fonts. i personally love georgia. It looks like something from a novel.
Woody Allen? hmm...try reading The Great Gatsby by Fritzgerald? The writing is grand but the story is simple. It's so fun to be in the roaring 20's.