21 March 2012



The watch. I never thought there would come a time i'd leave the house earring-less, necklace-less and bracelet-less.
But this watch changed it all. I feel soo Sophia Coppola-ish now. Hah.
The perfume. My sister gave this to me last December. I hated it at first, I felt it's too musky for my taste. I gave it a try once more
and now I looove it. I guess gardenias smell best during summer and hot days. It's a blatant move,
but I think ammana call it my signature scent.Marc and I are now first name basis.
The satchel. I know satchels are very last year, butbutbut. Once you've used a satchel, there's no turning back.
No more shoulder pains. No more lonely nights.

The sandals. This is the black version of the brown one. That's a funny sentence. This actually looks like an Alexander Wang Annette. (That's why I love this style so dearly)This second pair, I got for 40% off. Yeah, sometimes, there's no need to rush.
The shirt. From the men's section. Cotton. Stripes. I always call my striped shirts my perfect shirt.
I love the orange details. So brit. Oooooh I hope this post will put an end to my lazy streak.
I've forgotten how to construct a correct sentence. Bad Jayda.


j. said...

so pretty.so french.


sya daw bumli watch kya dpat daw s knya ang credit.ahahhahahah.

jayde said...

sabi mo ikaw pero sabi nya sabihin mo na sya haha