16 July 2012


Hugh Jackman is my new wellness guru. Haha. Of all people. But his tip is my new morning ritual. His morning medicine consists of hot water with lemon slices. Try it!You'll feel great afterwards. Like you can take on everything. And have fake Australian accent. Now I want Tim tams.
I've outgrown my piaya-loving self. I got a box-full of Bacolod treats from lojay, but we gave half of it away So sad, I know. 
But I haven't outgrown my isaw-loving self just yet. And that's when that hot cup of water with lemon slices comes in.
A pretty couch, no matter how shabby-chic it is, won't make up for bad food. And bad milk tea.
It's just ham and cheese! I can make ham and cheese! Hmmkay, milk tea, i can't. I wanna bring home that couch still.
Paper and people are pretty much the same. They're both hard to shoot.

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