05 September 2013


Purple Oven's Chocolate Dome Cake.
Last year's party was sorta girly and romantic and froufrou-iy (SEE HERE).
This year's kinda downtown cool.
I converted a room into Cafe de Julie,
but forgot to show you the complete look.
Anyway, this is the other side, the actual coffee station.
Borrowed a Dolce Gusto machine from Ate Ina, thank you!

We served four flavors:
Lungo, Mocha, Cappuccino and Macchiato.
Macchiato's my fave.

My Marimekko-inspired cups!
I love myself.

Gluing cups at 2am? Priceless. 
Purple Oven's Chocolate Dome Cake.
If It was my party, I'd just serve cakes and cups of coffee
all night long :) We served slices of Mernel's and guests made pakyaw
all the favors, so It was a nice night!

Happy Birthday Momma!

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