26 November 2014


Iglesia ni Cristo
Locale of Tagaytay City, Cavite South
October 27, 2014

Surreal but nice! ;)
Let's get wedding cheesy man!

Our deepest thank yous to our family and friends who witnessed and 
helped out on our very special day. And once again to Bernipie for all the patience
and the love, immeasurable. As my Instagram spiel goes : 
Thank you Bernipie for giving  me my dream wedding 
even if i really don't have a 'dream' wedding in mind. 
Thank you for letting me plan and giving in to all my qualms and demands hehe. 
Thank you for being the best groom ever! #everlong is not too long after all. 
Above all to our Almighty God for all the guidance and leading us to the right path.

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