17 October 2007

indarapatra and mike wazowski goes to carlo's pizza

next to sleeping, my number two fave is to eat!!! one family staple is carlo's pizza in tagaytay and baguio, well tagaytay is much nearer so when we have time, we make it a point to grab a quick bite. we also love buon giorno at cliff house! i'll be posting pix next time we eat there. But for now lemme share you carlo's muna!

umm forgive the pics, 'coz the photographer is sooo hungry already i didn't get to take decent photos.. plus my kuya's grabbing the pizza already!!hehe

although i like my mom's pasta very very much (mom are you readin' this???!!) i also like their version of fettuccini alfredo

it's topped with generous servings of bacon bits and parmesan cheese tossed with mushroom cream sauce

even if it's piping hot, we can't get enough of carlo's chicken fingers and fries

this golden brown delight is best dipped inranch dressing, well i prefer it better than the served gravy, and yummy fries! who the hell doesn't love fries anyway!

ooohhh and mozzarella sticks!!!

dipped in marinara sauce? good. dipped in ranch dressing? best.

pizza messicana

if you like everything mexican,this is the pizza for you! it has ground beef, tomato salsa,jalapeno chilies and mozzarella cheese, kinda unusual for a pizza right? but it' the best! first time i tasted it, i was taken back to miggys hehe

pizza bolognese

aside from four-cheese pizza i also favor this one. the bolognese and bechamel sauce is perfect for those salivating for a different kind of pizza.the thin crust is perfectly baked as well.

enjoy feasting!!

and the most important thing? it's should be shared with people you love the best!!(uhh, so cliche:))

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