17 October 2007

ya-ya sisterhood

this post is dedicated to my sister, jac, who's celebrating her wedding anniversary.. how many years?hmm i have to ask her later *hehe*

the bad sister that i am(present tense *haha*) this is my way of making up to your supposed bridal shower that didn't push through :( sorry.

in my list? she's the number one sucker for everything love! and to think she's so cynical! well she still is, but hey, all we need is love. she likes mushy flicks but won't admit it! likes to have another wedding ceremony so she could wear a gown again and have a pretty cake, although her previous cake is pretty already!what else? ahh yeah, she has about 10 journals and counting!what's inside? again...no need to write the word..

oohh i asked her already, it's their 6th year na!!yehey, cheers.

aside from being a good wife, she still is the best-est sister in the whole world..NOT!!!

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