18 November 2007

flavors of the sun..how original:)

Penny lane must be enjoying her Moroccan trip right now (shades& little black dress) sans front man Russell of Stillwater… so hold me closer Tiny Dancer :)( it’s Almost Famous slow Joe!)

OPA! Hey I’m speaking greek already.:)

Hmm Mediterranean. Egypt, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Lebanon come to mind. Rich and diverse culture influenced by the middle ages. Mediterranean food? Couscous, veggies, lamb and legumes come to mind... Food ending with bah, mus, leh, pav and blah hahaha..and all those weird tasting spices! So I was a bit apprehensive when my kuya suggested we try Café Mediterranean at ATC, my first reaction was eeewww I wanna run to Cibo, plus I’ll be treating them so I don’t wanna use up my moolah on some odd tasting food( aannd we have been disappointed by his restaurant preference countless times! Soory Jayps) Add Zong at Westgate on my list! Going back to my story..are you still listening? No choice, since we’re soo hungry already, we entered the café and looked at the menu. Gyros, couscous (told yah), and veggie platter greeted me. So much for starters!! We ordered two pizzas, Ragu and Beef gyro, pasta Pomodoro, and Large plates of Moroccan fish filet, pork tenderloin and grilled chicken with couscus. Here’s the verdict:


A medley of Italian sausage, prosciutto ham, and mozzarella cheese. I didn’t like it, there’s something missing on the taste. The crust is not as crunchy as it should be.


This one, such a surprise! I really enjoyed this pizza. It’s like eating shawarma! Understandably it tastes like it because Gyros is a Greek food and a term used for rotisserie beef served over pita bread, well this is the pizza version. It’s a refreshing departure from the tomato based pizzas that I’ve been accustomed to. I also loved the special sauces served with it.


Parma ham, sun dried tomatoes, cream on penne. The intentions were good, but this pasta dish is just too bland for my taste.


I was never a fan of seafood dishes but this one is actually good, the spicy tomatoes complimented the Grouper, it’s like your mom is not forcing you to eat fish hehe.


For large plates, you can choose plain, buttered rice or couscous. This one is served with couscous. This dish is so delish. It’s carefully marinated, a bit spicy and kinda lemony at the same time.


By this time I’m hoarding other plates haha. This is Pork tenderloin marinated in balsamic vinegar and harissa. Harissa is a paste made from chilli peppers, yup its red hot.

I’m a convert by the end of the course! Some hits and misses but its all good. Next time we’re gonna try out the gyros and paninis. Oohh don’t forget the dessert. I’ll feast on tartufo and panna cotta.



My favorite focaccia disk from BIZU.yum for breakfast:)

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