13 January 2008

Big girls DO cry!

Scene 1: Indarapatra and her mom (Obdulia)hahaha were at Breadtalk last Friday, January 11. (my birthday) choosing some mini cakes and there it was, a moment of silence..thinking what my sister might choose if she were there. and we went out the store coz i'm about to burst into an embarrasing cry..tissues missing at that time. tsk.

Scene 2: My mom at the car, after we left the airport..details? to funny to tell hahaha, but i was amused that she can cry like that, oh well.

Scene 3: Dad, at the garden, sobbing (according to mom), Cody(the turtle) by his side thinking of his apos coz he was the baby-sitter for all seasons.

Bye Jac, bye Fossil bag!!!!

Jayda, Sage and Japs

The saddest part was they( Ate, Zoe, and Sage) left at the eve of my birthday!!! they're like my BFFs huhuhuhu

Okay calm down Jayda.

They are currently staying in Alkhud, Oman. Where? heck search at Google Earth na lang! Why? My ate's hubby was assigned there for at least a min of 3-5 years.

Us? Eternally sad. I will miss our trips to Tagaytay, i'll miss our breakfasts at the 'nook', ice cream at ministop. Babysitting, kissing Zoe and Sage in the morning after coming from work. And eating their left-over burgers :)

But i am looking forward to my treats and pasalubong!!!! Thank you for the Escada perfume pala hihi

Our house will never be the same again, it's empty and a lot quieter( eeeww getting corny na)

OOhhhh, okay guess i'l be having my 'me' time again. hooorraaayyyy!:)

Take care my pretty Olsen twins!!

PS: my heartfelt thanks to the people who greeted me!! Birthday post coming soon!

1 comment:

jac said...

they left na??
grabe naman..hindi man lang nag padespedida..at wala man lang text blast ..that she's leaving on a jetplane na ..churva..hahhahahha
nice blog jade =)