14 January 2008

Good times, bad times, give me some of that..

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hehe, corny na.

It's a sunny friday morning. The road's still empty. Sun's just perfect...just the way i pictured it. Better be, because it's my birthday!:)

High-heels torturing my feet, my NFFs (newly found friends) and I headed to our friendly neighborhood coffee house..pshew ang walang kamatayang Starbucks

Still fresh from my BFFs departure, huhuhu, i had my quick fix of Java chip frap and yum belgian waffle with mocha.

And coursie, a picture-taking session won't do no harm hehe. (ahhh too bad Sherly was on SL:(()

to the left, to the left

Jeng, Jayda, Anne, Ayie and Rose

if i were a barista, i would never imagine writing JD this way, tsk, tsk. heck, i never recount a moment when they spelled it right! it's either Jane or Jay.:)

Yum foodie, from chicken empanada( only at Starbucks Phils hehe) to croissant

mantra for all season: NO PAIN FOR THE VAIN!!!

BTW, was at Friday's that afternoon, sad but their Cajun Chicken fingers is made by request. it's not offered on the menu anymore.

And to my horror they're not serving Caesar's salad with Romaine lettuce!!! this was just a plain jane lettuce hehe, eekk.

haay.going back to moi, a year older:(( but prettier hehe

what's ahead for this year? you better be good to me Rat, grrr.

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