06 February 2008

Finally, an American!

After months of filling my brain with nothing..err last time I had a 'couch potato' moment was months ago and it's not a film pa! It’s the Sex and the City DVD compiled season (although I had a super fun time reminiscing NYC and SJP:) so it was a sigh of relief that im back in the game again..DVD-ing:)

The ‘Reign over me’ CD had literally made its own niche in the cupboard, hehe. Either I’m too lazy or too sleepy to find some movie time for myself. FACT: I hate watching with someone! Make it EVERYONE! (huhu such a loner) it ticks me off when someone’s around and you’re trying to concentrate and absorbing the film (duh!English mhirap intindihin:) ) even my brother hates it. So it’s known fact here in our house, that if someone’s at the other room watching, you can’t just barge in..hehe a home full of twisted people.

Anyway, going back to ‘Reign over me’..it’s the perfect CD to bring back my movie-savvy appetite, the story’s not too heavy and confusing THINK: Mulholland Drive! From director Mike Binder, ‘Reign over me’ stars Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. It runs around on a 9/11 widower Charlie Fineman ( Adam Sandler) trying to cope with the lost of his family and how to start life after it. Don Cheadle plays Fineman’s former college roommate Alan Johnson, who’s living the life he also should have, or so Johnson thought. The genre’s drama but it’s not that grave and dark. But the setting’s gloomy and you can feel the sadness, the streets of New York, the depth of the characters.(am I on my ‘college film app. Project’ mode already?hekhekhek)

It’s a nice feeling… you’ll look back on your own life and muse ‘How I have been’. Tsk.:)

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