02 February 2008

Thuringer Brat...what?!?

Told yah i'll be back at Earle's hehe.

Went here last monday, meaning it has been a week since my last post!!(hmm so stubborn)

Warning: If you're counting every calorie that goes in your mouth,,,Earle's is not the place for you!

Yes, i am carrying an oversided bag, not because i'm feeling Victoria Beckham-ish, but to cover the unwanted bulge in case I went overboard:) So here's the foodie:

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato
I haven't met a single soul who hates bacon and lettuce..ahh the fat, but if you're a certified food junkie, you'll love this.

Thuringer Bratwurst
I'm not a big fan of herb-y stuffed sausage. It's kinda good, kinda.kinda.
My kuya said this is the least selling deli because many can't pronounce the name hehe:)

Cheese Frankfurter
I liked it, but the Hungarian sausage's much better 'coz it's spicy:) and everything nice. :P

(the smile of a sausage-filled girl:))
Earle's my newest favorite, the food's nice plus++ it's near French Baker so I can just grab my other fave..Blueberry Danish:)++

Happy Eating:P

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