27 June 2008

kimchi+freebies=one happy indarapatra

Ahhhh, PC's running again:)

Don't you just love Korean girls? strutting their Korean stuff? with their funky get ups? flashing their Korean smile? Blessed with porcelain doll skin? haaay. But i'm thankful i have my almond eyes, woundn't trade it to the kimchi girls... most of them go under the knife, just to make their Sam Oh eyes into Angelina Jolie's.

Just today my office pals and I spotted two Korean gals dolled up in their 'sailor-moonish' uniform, and this other girl is totting the prettiest Prada bag ever! but the clincher? wag na mean eh kaya tumawa na lang kami ng tumawa:) *wink wink* to Jaimie and Rosey hahaha end of story.

hehe my post had nothing to do with this one, but since we're talking 'bout bags and stuff.. got some FREEBIE thingamajigz mula kay Tita Ags from her trip to HK last month..(salamat ulit:))

Li'l twist? this dollies are cellphone accessories..but since these are waayy bigger than my phone, i came up with a fun idea( at least for me) (but hey many were pleased and many had giggles and liikeeed them ah!) I laced them up on my B bag and used them as bag charms, so street fashion hehe.. kinda like the Kiko Escobar skull key chain on Ms. Angara's B hehe.

P.S. P.S

Again..many thanks to my sponsors hehe

to Tina for gifting ate..ay ako pala with this cute native tote

so pretty..see i have a penchant for everything native and oriental looking thingies.

Many thanks:)

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