21 June 2008

a midsummer night's dream

Summer's out already.

At this minute... I’m surrendered to the sound of the raindrops near the hallway.

Felt like it was just yesterday when I’m still panicky in choosing what swimwear to buy or what sundress to pick from..
Felt like it was just a minute ago when I’m pissed because no matter how looooong I stayed in the sun, I can’t seem to develop THAT perfect tan line..With my complexion, it’s not ‘tan line’ it’s TAN ALL OVER heck.

I miss summer!!! I miss that pungent smell in the air, that strong air that makes you wanna take a plunge in the water, in a new york minute! I miss frolicking in the sand and just waste my day on nothing. I long for the smell of turon and bananaque…the coolness of halo-halo and fine, my Gatorade days (pink lemonade please) I even got myself a hula shaker and that cute Hawaii-inspired tune so I will always be reminded of the sand, sea and shell hahaha.

Sob. A big plus, I need another excuse to bargain-spot a nice sun dress.

But hey, I have something to look back to, last summer my ate and I went to Robinson’s Starmills in Pampanga..and found ourselves hoarding on lots of great stuff, FYI: outlet finds at Plains and Prints! By the way, this Robinsons is home to a lot of outlet stores including Benetton, Mango, Naturilizer, All flip flops, Rustans, and Store Specialist!!! If you’ve got the time in the world then GO!

(Just click the title of this post to bring you back to my MNG getaway last time sa Starmills)

I bought two jersey dresses from P&P

***the material is light on the body and super galing in hidding the hideable:) i finished three courses already on that blue one hehe

*** all are originally priced at Php995.. since it's an outlet store it's marked down at 50% $$$$$ caching!

STEAL? yah bet... pero may mas STEAL pa jan!!!

*** at Php320, it's jersey as well...it clings the right way
*** from my super fun adventure with kuya sa Bac.

at kung may mas STEAL shempre mas masarap 'pag libre:)

...that MAXI dress from my BACK to the PALM post... a gift from Agnes hehe (chenk-you)

I've added up another title on my resume i guess: BARGAIN-HUNTER and GIRL for LESS hehe

lemme see where my feet takes me next time:)

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