07 October 2008

the attack of the 5'3 ant

experimentus dummus: how many dessert can one gal consume?
documentus detailus: friday. trip to dasma. 1130 hrs- 0300 hrs (i need intervals duh!)

non-dessert treatus: Breaded Chicken Fillet. Large fries. Daing na Bangus.
samplus 1: rocky road brownie sundae
samplus 2: ice mocha whip (extra chocolate powder please)
samplus 3: blueberry danish (burp)
samplus 4: soft cinnamon roll (burp burp)

I therefore conclude that this gal can take FIVE in a good day! (one apple crumble not in picture)

That's one pretty 5 footer ant you got there baby, ha!


Thanks Vin for fixin' that freakin 'upgrade your template' button..i'm back in the game!

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