23 March 2009

big uhaw

i have never ever in my life finished an order of halo-halo.. what more if the serving is as ginormous as this one! this lean,mean killing halo-halo from Pueblo por la Playa--Pagbilao, Quezon can be shared by four people (i'm not a big fan of melon shavings sa halo,so the verdict: eekk)

to quote my kuya "lasang bulaklak" daw.

P.S (wow, haven't been ps-ing for sooo long:))

i can now make gulaman(from scratch..err with the help of mr.gulaman) at buko pandan!! take note:with littlest supervision from mom, but weee!!
a family friend gave us like a TON of fresh buko from Alaminos, so we thought of making buko pandan. i really liked the consistency of it(ehem bragging) i PATIENTLY blended the coconut meat to reach that almost sherbet smoothness but i left some buko meat bits too, ahh perfecto!

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