21 March 2009


blue/black, blue/green, blue/brown? ahhh blue walls/white ceiling..minus the snow (final, period).i know, i know it looks greeky and geeky (?:) for a room but i'm loving the color combi, crossing my fingers it'll turn out good, at least kind of close to the look i've been opting for.

i also love the feel of shabby chic. so nice to look at, right? i wanted the ceiling to have the unfinished old-wood-look, but i guess shabby chic is much fitting on a colder, barn/rustic setting, and i think you have to live and breathe it, that's just not me, i just like looking at dried flowers, rusty pitchers, stuff..hmmm i think i know THE person who hearts shabby chic a lot, no not(brit accent) Rachel Ashwell..my sister.

photo credit: flickr

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