22 July 2009



photo credit:flickr

there's a tarp explaining the horrendous details why they decided to repaint this house green. i, however, didn't get to read it. still in intensity 5 shock'ers'. only had a camera phone with me, the ugly green didn't register well, so the 'after' image was googled for you guys to see how horrible this green really is.

i have a thing for old filipino houses, the old whites and the works. i have a thing for anything and everything filipiniana.whatever.anyHOW just this morning, sipping my 'strong daw' java chip, i happen to be in calamba, don't ask why. bugged my dad to drive by the street near rizal's house (totally out of our route, the coffee kicked in so was in a very perky- ELLE WOODS mood minutes before this sighting). the rest is SISA. WHY??!!!!! i heard cookie monster wants his green back.

ahh,RIZAL=GREEN.researched it just now. oh well, i'm huli sa balita. it was repainted almost two months ago. quoted from PDI "was to highlight, and inform visitors of, the meaning of his surname". screw you.

P.S. still reading.. one said what if my last name is 'guinto'?:)

P.S. ii i should get back into posting clothes.

P.S. iii. good thing my last name's pingol.

P.S iv..or is it?

P.S.v.apple-cinnamon yogurt and a frappe in the morning is never a good thing.

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