16 July 2009

harajuku lover









my siblings and i were in guffaw central last time i've had eye makeup on..
well, at first i was pissed, how come? i should have known, turns out you can't distinguish if i'm chinese or japanese or both! this happens all the time. my eyes just goes lost in translation. want smoky eyes!!

girlfight sneeks been sitting for gawd knows how long. perfect, very harajuku girl! its street style vibe is an absolute contrast to the soft material of this indian inspired tunic, the result is a cohesive mix of jai-ho meets tokyo heee.never say never.sissy saw my resentment when she gave me this frock, i'm like "RED??!!!" in flesh, this is a red-red( the light tamed the color). i like it now.i'm a tunic girl at heart. sooo reminded me of her bitten-up piƱa tunic with side slits. back in the day, when she'd let me wear it, its ultimate tandem was this wide legged sandwhite slacks and thong sandals and i'm off! (very DVF circa sixties).. ammana wear it again for old times sake. shukran, ate! you're the best ate, ever!
had lunch with my friends last tuesday. i have friends! forgotten all about my social skills. i think i'm anti-social to the hilt. gotten used to talking to my alter-ego, which is always a good conversation. i get to say all the meanest things, stay mum when i'm on a foul mood.
every morena should know..yellow lighting does wonders!


Anonymous said...

pretty jada.
u should be on tv.

...my cam
...my clothes
...my necklace

u look like isabel roces.

love ur own.hah.

Jayde said...

umm umm, thanks jacjac, ure the best ever! but i wanna use the term harajuku, let me na!

Diane said...

this outfit is fabulous! love that color on you

Jayde said...

thanks diane!:)

Jeiel said...

oh, she's turning Japanese... or is it Indie?

love it, Jayda! and the boots... waaah... like it.