21 October 2009

timothys and williams

till now i've never seen the first part of definitely, maybe. the movie's been playing and playing again on hbo but to my dismay, i've seen what has to be seen. gotta check the scheds again, or buy a dvd for heaven's sake. this film made me feel old. you know, set in the 90s, stuff.
now i know how the 40 somethings felt when almost famous was shown.
i think me and my sister are closet chic flick affish.
see, she likes you've got mail!
(we are hiding on our godfather1 skins)
even my mom knows we've seen the film for gawd knows how many times already!

who knew i'd like that guy from two guys, a girl and a pizza place?
i like summer. if april's not gonna be the girl, i hope he chooses summer, buuut, that's not how the movie goes.

so i am ending this post with:(have to say this without opening my mouth, so no one would hear, and in one breath, i am THAT talented) ammana watch the ugly truth later.

and for crying out loud
you've seen that new ate vi movie with your mom.

gerard butler is waiting for me:)

iwant.iwant.iwant. i miss sanfo's caramel apples! perfect ooweeey goodness.
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