01 December 2009

i surrender!

so you're all-original and all-natural. so you made me eat you with kiwis and grapes. so you made our entire household fall in love with you.
you, you, you. you made us adore your towering ginormous servings. never minding the long queue and the cold weather and the fact that i am still recuperating from the worsest sipon in my lifetime.
so you're sour and sweet and gooood. so you made us join the fro-yo craze!

sooooooooooo what?
i'd still eat you even if you're full-throttle head-on collision fat.

even peter bjorn loves you!
who-is-peter-bjorn-songer of young folks equals credit to jaypa.
btw (haa) cute ng pagpicture ko sa red mango tissue. amidst the lamok and the hangin. \m/

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