02 December 2009


let me bore everyone bwahaha. two year itch. lost my mojo for posing. yes, camera block!

help, help!

my current wasteland: candy stores. i am will and grace happy! i'm not choosy with the colors though, they all taste the same to me.

this is one of my mom's treasured plates. carefulness. i have been avoiding candy stores for the longest time now because a.waste of money. b.sayang ang oral prophylaxis. c.tonsilitis d.matanda ka na e.all of the above.
very logical reasons, thumbs up. but one night, after doing our groceries, fate! i accidentally parked my cart in front of the gummies! the choco raisins! the sour tapes! and for some illogical reasons, they came home with me.
the end.

no gummy bears were harmed during the shoot. they were harmed after.

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