02 December 2009

puzzled. mazed. jigsawed.

maybe i just needed mcdonald's large fries, cheesebarjer and piñapple juice.and a hat from biñan.
did you know that all 3 mcdonald's in iceland closed down last quarter of october due to the country's economic fall down? i've seen this on tv. people crying while downing their last burger. be thankful we filipinos can still say love ko 'to.
did you know that poinsettias needed to be kept in the dark as early as september to regain its red color?
did you know that 35 people try to jump off the brooklyn bridge each year, most because of broken hearts? alright, that line's from definitely, maybe.

f21 top.bazaar jeans.hat-biñan.tatay's k.c. reaction boots.

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