12 July 2010


kids, i now have curly hair.
have i been watching 'how i met your mother' too much? is my 'do k-pop or robin's from season 3( or 4?)??
how has your closet been these past few days? my whole room is a ginormous mess with this remixing thing! my 26 picks are everywhere and it ticks me off. of us three siblings, i think i have the tidiest room..no competition necessary.
i declare, i have the tidiest room.
until this challenge kicked in..
waking up each day is such a chore, i need ice cream and fries and chips, any chips!!
but today's different.
it's a bright sunshiny monday, and i decided i want curly hair, right now!!

top: h&m
skirt:  ae
wedge: celine
bag: stradivarius

stole the red bag from my sister hehe
mine's really the gray one:)


pabula_rasa said...

pretty curls...hmmmm...

love the red,white and blue.



jayde said...


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Love this outfit, red really suits you!

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