14 July 2010


curled up. can i still talk about my curly hair? no? fine.
last night's storm was something. the strong gusty winds left the entire household sleepless. and with no electricity until this afternoon, there was practically nothing to do.
the avocados were everywhere, this is a pail full of avocados, i can smell avocado ice cream!

for remix 6, i chose an easy ensemble of an oversized cardi from note, a beach cover-up from maui girl and my favorite 'last pair rack' find from mango, its cigarette cut won me over, and the side button's very retro don't you think?
that chain necklace isn't a chain necklace for nothing, that is one heavy baby! you'll need upper neck strength:)
i hope the gloomy weather stays on until the weekend, i miss wearing cardis that's why.

1 comment:

Frances Joy said...

Looks great. I also love the buttons on the sides of those jeans. Love!