15 July 2010


ethereally yours. this is from h&m's garden collection and i'm feeling this is my favorite post as of today.(case in point: i went barefoot.)
the side frills are so delicate even the peach dress itself! this is definitely my summer 'it' dress.
that's a pearl belt used as necklace to give off a 20s vibe.
i feel pretty today:)
i feel pretty eventhough i hypnotized my sister and commanded her to leave this dress on my trusty hands.
if you don't have an older sister, i insist, BUY ONE!


Anonymous said...

frettiness cheverloo.

pabula_rasa said...

i like the 2nd and third shots.


swaying hands while walking pa smile-smile pa


you go girl.haha

Emily said...

I adore this outfit. It's so summery and romantic.