26 November 2010


stole my sister's bag for the day. fresh from oman. good for two hours.like.
survivor nicaragua. like.
fall or not, i'm perennially in sweaters, cardis and jackets. one venti frappe and i feel wintery already haha.


thanks let them eat kate for the wonderful words!:)

if you wanna join the LBD challenge, email your photos here:
indarapats@gmail.com. this runs until DEC 5.


Anne said...

wish granted, a mulberry-ish bag:)

jayde said...

that's not mine gg, kay ate yan:))

Liz said...

Wow it's gorgeous! I love the sweater and sandal combo it's quirky!

daraziivana said...

nice post ! love the bag !!
wanna follow each other dear ?
visit my blog <3


The Style Voyager said...

This outfit is GORGEOUS! And you have that natural beauty.. envy :0


Tranquilacosita said...



Tranquilacosita said...



Anonymous said...

Vavavooom on the legs!

R. said...

loove this outfit!!



J A I M I E said...

Told you, more skin, gg! :)
Very pretty! Love the entire look. Mwuah.