25 November 2010

streets and stripes

sixth on the list is chaucee from philadelphia of streets and stripes.
if you want to feel inspired and see everyday things in a different light, you've got to visit her blog!
it's endearing to know we both love to eat sweets and we're both coffee addicts too:)
aside from being a photographer (see HERE), she lets her creativity out through her style blog. i just love her quirky and fun take on fashion, plus her warm smile is a dead giveaway of how nice she is.
i love how she styled her lbd! it's young and fresh. i especially adore her polka dot cardigan!
hugs and thanks chaucee!

if you wanna join the LBD challenge, email your photos here:
indarapats@gmail.com. this runs until DEC 5.

1 comment:

jac said...

pretty lbd chaucee!cute pointy flats too!