22 November 2010

tough cookie

LBD-er number one is our family's good friend tita thea:)
i love the softness of the lace cardigan and the mix of tough brought by her gladiator shoes!
i think we jive along well because we're both kikay, both januarians and both crazy:)
i've seen her many times in mixed accessories and i think this look is very her in real life, tough and sweet.

did i mention she makes the yummiest carrot cake too?
thanks tita they for joining, i really, really appreciate it.

if you wanna join the LBD challenge, email your photos( max of three).
indarapats@gmail.com. this runs until DEC 5.


jac said...

pretty tita thea!

Anonymous said...

hmmm...di nga?? tsk! chink you! heheh libre kita kopi heheh next lakad.Kisses jac jac!-theakot

jayde said...

si ate lang ililibre mo:( huhuhu