28 January 2011

the aviator

wearing my dad's 70s aviator. WOW.
my brother found it a few days back and had it repaired.
regular programming will resume after i get my groove back.
i think i am on blogger rehab. after seeing other trendy style blogs lurking the net, i think ammana GAG and puke already.
i am ensnared by the classics cult. for me it's not a bad thing. style-wise, i guess will be hoarding classic and minimalist items from now on haha.
i believe i've never been full-on trendy anyways.

challenge accepted. tik.


bels said...

great post! I like your blog!!

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Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

i just heart ray-ban's aviator sunglass! :)

...but i hate your font size...hihihi! :))

jayde said...

haha small font exclusive for this post para walang magbasa:)
niks gamit na gamit ang f21 leggings:)

sharonlei said...

My dad has also sported the same aviator (Rayban) glasses since we moved from the Philippines to Hawaii (in 85) when I was only 3. He's gotten a new pair every few years or so, but it's always the same style.

You look great with aviators... :)

Hope you're having a great day.. be back for a visit for sure.

xx Love & Aloha