16 June 2011

Capital Crap

image from the net.

My sister threatened me just now. No blog, no clothes from her.
I am wearing one as I type along, straight from the balikbayan box.
Love the smell of new. Love the smell of free.
I don't want it to be my last box. I think black-mailing runs in the family.
But I feel too Maggie Estep-y at the moment. I do have a non-conformist blood.
Three quarters at most. My goal is to watch a French Film at Shang Cineplex.[Runs until the 19th, tsk].
Act like an artist who wears black and gray all the time.
Go to Art exhibits and nod emphatically on an impressionist painting like I know what an impressionist painting is.
Wake up one day and know all the highfalutin words.

There's a beautiful, beautiful red swallow dress lying on the floor, and an oh so 50s leopard-print dress too.
I can watch 7 ans wearing this, I tell to myself. There goes my highfalutin words, right down the drain.
Alongside my french films and my impressionist paintings. And my daydream walks on cobbled-stone streets.
Your next balikbayan box better be good.


j. said...


thats the best you can do?

jayde said...

captain crap.