19 June 2011

Trophy Dad

Happy Father's Day, Tatay!
I know I always make fun of your golf trophies
because they really don't blend well with the tribal displays.
But I'm proud of you, really really. And I'm glad you're my Tatay.
You are one groovy dad. You already know that.
Most dads won't go shoe shopping with their daughters.
Many times you actually pick the right style.
And many times, you've paid for all those pairs.That's why I love you.
I wish I can be as jolly and as generous as you. Always with a ready smile. Always accommodating.
But I know you have bad days too. I'm just here, ready to offer you your cup of coffee.
Buy your favorite cheap ice cream sundae from 7-11 on our way home from Canlubang.
Oh yes, the car stereo's already tuned in to your everyday AM station.

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