26 July 2011

Hello Wisconsiiiin!!

Heels/Platform Open toe/ Ankle Strap. That's what the box says so I'm sticking with it : Heels/Platform Open toe/ Ankle Strap. Whew, that's long. I really like the mix of leather and suede. And this is honest to goodness comfy! I'm proud of myself because now I consider comfort before style. But you can sometimes have both right?
Charles & keith shoes and bag. warehouse dress.
This is one of my sister's first clothing splurge in Oman and she instructed me to never ever give this away
as she will be handing this down to her daughters Karamazov. Copy that.

Uma-Ali Macgraw.
Quantity-wise, Sure, I can make a post everyday.
But now, I mostly do a post based on a beautiful day.
Whenever I feel like it, not because I'm obliged to do so.
Whenever I feel inspired, may it be a pretty morning, a sumptuous meal
sound of raindrops, or the stillness of the sky.
It's rewarding to see good images after painstakingly doing awkward poses,
running madly to the sound of the self-timer, and seeing your mood board come into life.


j. said...

very pretty shoes and bag.rethinking whether i should go end my shoe strike.not just yet,i suppose.

peplum love.

miss you ginggi.

jayde said...

thanks apple! miss you to ginggi!
i know, buy some shoes! puro clothes ka lang.

anne said...

Gg! we have the same bag! Mine's mustard. Love your strappies too. ;)

jayde said...

annecher!!! i miss you! where's your tumblr gg??