27 July 2011


My snack of the moment. Korean rice pops from SM Lipa. Addicting! 
If there's one thing that I can't live without, it's meriendaaa!  And with such an apocalyptic weather a.k.a Philippine weather, it's all but natural to procrastinate, eat more and let things defer for a moment. Since there's not much to share today, I just wanna lead you to my mini-thoughts.

John Lemon. John Lemon.Hehehe. Pocket notebooks. I know it's easy to get and stay wired, but at times I like seeing my handwriting. Currently, I'm using a Schneider document pen because it glides well, perfect for lazy people. If all else fails, there's always Panda:) It's handy when you want to jot down your to-do list, grocery list and what have you lists. Yeap, an ideal partner for forgetful ones like me.Other times, It's nice to doodle and write with my left hand. Let it be. Let it be.
Mexx top. Fab skirt. Overly used skirt at that.  Liliw-bought wedges from Ate Mitzi.
The spot. Obviously, this is my favorite spot for an outfit post. Rain or shine, this spot gives me the perfect bokeh. Plus, everytime I stand here, I feel purty and nice. I had this cloth bag made last February alongside four medium-sized ones with Imelda's face. (below) Actually, Dra. Darleen's been texting me to submit a picture for their fan page, as most of their customers do. And this morning she politely asked again. So it's been roughly six months and I'm feeling masipag today. Originally, I'm thinking i'd do an ala-Karl outfit. Black suit and slacks. But i'm feeling sunny today, hence the happy photo.

Lately, my uniform's been this outfit combo. An oversized top, mini-skirt and summery shoes. Things I'd never wear ten years ago. Hmm, I like my hair today. My kind of curls.
Nuts. I discovered last year I love chocolates with fruits and nuts in it. Now that's why I'm not much into pralines. It took some figuring out and a lot of toothaches and tonsillitis. What a journey it has been:) Finished my last bar yesterday, and with much dignity, I can say i'm ready to back to Goya fruit and nut now.
More nuts. My siblings and I definitely have a weird sense of humor. This is my brother posing from his newly renovated bathroom. Click HERE to view my kind of humor. Promise this video will make your day. It's roughly two minutes. You've got two minutes right, right, right? knife.
Imelda cloth bag. 
 Happy 97th Anniversary to all my fellow brethren!
Took this photo last December. That's the local Congregation of Gibraltar, Benguet.
I wish we have Milflores flowers on our church lawn too.

So there you have it. I'll make this kind of post again. Ummm, next year.
I'm leaving you with Aaron Eckhart's opening V.O from the movie Love Happens.
Because I'm feeling very John Lemony today.

" Sometimes, despite your best efforts otherwise,
 life will give you lemons. When that happens, 
you've got two choices, friend: you can wear a sour face
 or make lemonade." 


j. said...

yes hun.

you're wedges are shoooo pretty.
your jonh lemon notebook ish sho fabulous.ur korean pops are so cracklingly great.
and your thoughts are superb.
but love happens suck.
aaron eckhart too.

but ur pretty so there.


jayde said...

Nyahahahha. Knife.
But, but, but I lurve Aaron!

j. said...

u love aaron?

that explains a lot.