26 August 2011


Clubmaster + Camera = Teeneyder.

Shoes: Spring. Bag:Lady Rustan's (mom's)

Gif-fing around. Let's play the Jaypee's-not-here-let's-tip-toe-on-his-precious-couch game.

Zara shirt.

Oversized Button-downs, one of my essentials. Varying from our lifestyles, we all have our own essentials. To some, it's T-shirt and jeans. To me, it's got to be a crisp, outsize shirt especially when I know I'll be battling the car AC and bringing a cardigan is not an option. Another essential would be an easy-breezy striped shirt dress that will not crease easily. On colder days ( I have my own version of colder days) I pair a dress shirt with leggings and ballet flats. On regular days, men's watch, a messenger bag and flip-flops are the first things I grab to go with my button-downs.

It's going to be a long weekend here. Four days. Four days. Man, like it matters to me. Nyahaha. Many times I dread the weekend. The malls are always packed with people. Even your regular weekend favorite spots are annoyingly filled with dogs and bikes and bikes and dogs and bratty kids running around and seamlessly cuts in the queue (can't push them, their parents are somewhere near. just throw them a secret mean stare.) when it's your turn to order something. What ever happened to my serene haven? I can't do my Pilates anymore. Another Nyahaha. Basically, weekends are there to unsync your weekday habits. Crappy weekday shows are replaced with even crappier weekend shows, Your glorious happy sunny weekdays will be transformed to rainy weekends. Hmm, the weather's not that unpredictable anymore.

What Ever happened to Baby Jane?


j. said...

please refrain fron using htat nyahaha laugh.

find some other laugh.

pretty zara button down hun.

and imiss my shoes....

jayde said...

how about hihihi or lol?
miss you pms girl!!!