30 August 2011

Walnuts, Rambutans, Avocados, Cornicks, Turon and a Whole lot of Munching

Photographing food before consuming it has become second nature to everyone. I guess we all do it because we want to capture its goodness and its beauteous details before we devour it. Just by its images, we all hope we've captured its essence too. How it means to us. How it reminds us of certain seasons and times of day. 
Remembering fun and sweet memories just with a bite. Just by smelling it. Just by seeing it.
Growing up, our humble kitchen played such a big role in molding how I look at food today. Luckily, I have a mother who nourishes us with simple, nurturing, flavorful foods all the time. From packed lunches during elementary days to porridge whenever I'm nursing a fever, to lavish fiesta-type birthdays, there's nothing like your mother's comforting meals. Always reassuring, always appeasing.
I like rustic, non-intimidating, filling foods the most. Yep, you can get sentimental over a bite of turon.
Becky's Kitchen's Prune Walnut Cake from Ka Edrey & Ka Lani.
Cute prunes!
    Note to self: Buy a rectangle-shaped cake stand. What can I say,
 It's really loaded with walnuts inside. Yum yum for the tum tum.
That line's from another bake shop. :)
Last Avocado Standing. 
It's the last harvest of the year, so I'm paying a little tribute to you avocado. 
I'm not a big fan of you, but you actually taste good. I like you when you're all frozen and
I can eat you in your ice-flaky form. Sorry if I have been ignoring you since June.
 Rambutan from Alaminos. Speaking of bountiful harvests, It's the start of Rambutan season!
You're one tricky fruit too. I like the tuklapin type.
The juicy ones are hard and too messy to eat.
 Chette's Cornick in Cheese and Barbecue from Tita Thea. Perfect chubby corn bits. I like you both actually.
You two are the perfect examples of chug-it-straight-from-the-pack kind.
 Turon with Langka on a Rainy day.Crunchy wrapper with surprise langka inside.
We've been harvesting saging for weeks.We have it for breakfast and merienda.In all forms and sizes.
Hello good skin!

Right now, the house smells of grilled tilapia.
If I can duplicate the smell of grilled Tilapia for you ate, I will.
After all, half of the food here are your favorites.


j. said...


zoe and sage are ooohing and aahing here.

we all want to go home!!!!!!!!!!!

Eccentric Drill said...

food trip ka lagi!kagutom!hahaha! :D

jayde said...

Nikia! Uwi ka na kasi ulit:)