02 September 2011

Garden Tea and Company

San's Bakeshop's Special Cassava Cake.
My first-ever pastry stand. Got it from a previous boss's garage sale six years ago.
I painstakingly carried it on a commute from Makati to Laguna because I wanted it so badly! 
The supporting plates are two colorful Mexican-inspired ceramic ones, I just replaced it with white plates
for today so as to bring out the soft-buttery color of the cake. 
Lovelovelove bejeweled footwear. It adds razzle-dazzle to any outfit.

Having an afternoon tea with my imaginary friends: Tania, Martina and Antonia :)
Shirt: H&M. Thongs: Charles & Keith.  Bracelet: Jadore. (from Jac.)

Reviving last year's shirt. Wore it earlier with leather leggings.
I wish I have MKA's resident paparazzo too, so I won't have to stage
and re-wear things and sweat buckets to get a decent shot.

That's all. Do I really have to say Happy Friday or Happy Weekend?
You guys!


j. said...

ahahhahah.you guys!!!!!!!!!1

chat hun!

bought u a striped seer sucker blazer in white n blue.super preppy and a bit eighties.cuterssss.

jayde said...

you guys, you are like the b-e-s-t! you guys! thanks! can't wait for y oxford susko wala bang uuwi????!!

sugarasukal said...

i know this pastry stand. :)
kumusta ka na? di kita makita sa facebook, iba yung jayde pingol na lumalabas

sugarasukal said...

i know this cake stand. :)
kumusta ka na jayde? di kita makita sa facebook. iba yung jayde pingol, mataba

jayde said...

hahaha oo sa garage sale ni miss vicky hehe, howau??:)