31 August 2011

Bright Lights, Small City.

Zong Fixtures.
 Living in a small city, you learn how to make the most out of anything. You learn how to make your days great. Taking a quiet walk at the new Solenad Two last night, we will surely make the most out of it! There's a lot of Coming and Brewing Soons plastered all over the place, and you got it...I know how to make my days great.

Lojay and Summer.
Zong Cold Cuts.
My cousin, Aces with Coltrane and Summer's mommy , ate Agnes.
Coltrane and Jayps.
With baby Summer. Wearing my brainless outfit.
Muji-esque shirt dress and Satchel from HERE.


j. said...

me ganen?

kendinene?from here?ahahahahaaa.

dami hair summer.pretty polka dotties summer!

aces is the prettiest!!!!hehe

jayde said...

oh hi chaka doll!
wala ka na toyo-tums?