27 December 2011

It's Fruitcake Weather!

A perfect description by Truman Capote. True. I feel like December's a mix of rum and dried fruits&nuts. Intoxicating, festive and some slices you just want to spit. The cool winds arrived late, the parties ending early. Numbing and entertaining at the same time. One of the main things I love though is redecorating the house. All in all I grabbed all the fixtures in less than two hours. Sort of like winning in a two-minute supermarket spree. This year, I went simple, clean, and classic with the furnishings. A lot of whites, browns and uncomplicated accents. Also, I went for a crisp-orientalia feel, hints of old-china prints from the table runner and Buddha figurines. I'm so close into buying a skull-print dress. It's so pretty, but i'm giving it a day or two, Marilyn Manson, go away. I'm channeling my inner-goth with a spiked bag, embellished shoes and long-back cardigan.
In honor of my yearly ritual, i'm ending this with Counting Crows-Long December line- Maybe this year will be better than the last.

Happy New Year!:)

Vanilla smell from just-blown candle. Beautiful.
Piled-up books and magazines all over the house. My sister once said, some books are meant for display.

Turquoise vases. 
Giant candle cages. I've yet to find the perfect shabby bird cage.

Buddha heads.

Vanilla, Spiced Pumpkin, Lavender and Dewberry. Ahhh..home. I cannot think of better words than of Gwyneth's: The air changes. You are home, yet it feels different. I really love it.
Store-bought moss and pine cones for added rustic touches.
My favorite bokeh shot. I took this early December for my sis-in-law's cookie business.
Embellished shoes.
Spiked bottom of my bag. Ala Rocco bag.
Heavy cape/cardi.
Black and White table runner against turquoise vases. Cutesy.


Eccentric Drill said...

And it's new year now...Happy Birthday,Joidy...I miss you...Wishing you all the best in life and love! God bless you more! :) -Noiky

jayde said...

Thanks Nikkibon:)