22 October 2007

indarapatra and sheherazade goes to Babycakes!!

Okay, next to sleeping and next to pizza, i'm also into cakes::)) that's why when i heard my ate's gonna order a cake for my niece's birthday(as seen on exhibit A), i went with them in a jiffy (or was i forced?) i can't remember!

Babycakes is at Paseo 3, near work, but sadly when i'm out from work around 7-ish a.m. it's still closed..so i really haven't tasted their pastries and cakes yet(have to wait 'till wednesday to taste the verdict *haha*.Back to my story.. I like the interiors so much..it's so home-y and baguio-ish:) plus the place is so intimate..

there's also a fireplace(a makeshift:)) i just wanna sit there and eat all the cakes and drink all the shakes that they have..it's a nice breakfast nook, umm brunch nook, since the store opens at 10am hehe

lookie at some of their fondant cakes

..and they also sell cutie stuff

the place is just soo adorable..huuhuuu wanna have a store like this too!!

wanna come back there again coz we were such in a rush (ate being the dis-organized party planner!)


the verdict on wednesday ok? see yah:)

P.S. ll hehe

happy birthday JAPS and ZOE!!

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sheherazade said...

hi jada,
jada your invited to jaypee's bday and mine too