17 January 2008

Cake me up before you go!

My bad..late post,was caught up on something:)

Since January's my birthday month, all of my postings will be related to my birthday haha loko lang. Promise-promise this is the end of it. At least for this day:)

These are the mini-cakes that I bought last time at Breadtalk. I opted for these since the Monsters Inc. are in Oman already, no one's gonna comsume the whole thing naman. Plus wasn't on the mood on buying a fab cake, hmm maybe on my 30th, haaaah tha't like 4, f-o-u-r years na lang.

Change the subject.

Wasn't it pathetic? Buying my own cake and candle? Nah, who cares. When I blew the candle, the only one present was my kuya, and I forced him to be there to take my picture haha, now THAT is pathetic!

Here's my pretty cakes:

Chocolate cake

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate dome

Black Forest

Of all the mini-cakes, the chocolate cake's the best. It's not too sweet plus I find the granulated sugar thingy on the top amusing.. Coz while eating it, the sugar's flying everywhere, it's like eating polvoron:)

If you haven't tried buying your own cake, I mean choosing it very carefully, try it, even if it's not your birthday. It's soo fun fun.(don't forget the candle!!)

P.S Thanks Ms.Sherly Rempillo (aka soon-to-be 'housewife') for the Sanfo treat you gifted me:) It's caramel-coated apple with sprinkles:)

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