20 September 2009

to our chief emeritus

beta late than neva.
belated happy birthday momma!

so sorry for the late post.
september five and eight
from zoe and sage's lola anding, shukran!
sinful chocolate cake from a la creme in pampanga. who can ever resist??!!! a slice can satisfy your sucre craving for a MONTH! if it isn't sweet enough, each box comes with a gravy-like container that has, yes-choco syrup that you can drizzle on top, man..now that's what i call choco-freeze!
my new cake stand that i was blabbing about eons back.
early dinner at friday's
jaypee stole my look, so gaya gaya haha. poor jada, no one took a photo of me. can totally understand ely. mental note: buy a portable spider-like tripod like his.oohh wait, i'll search for 'me'.

there. taken a month ago.same place,haha. i am the lamest of them all. capital self-centered:) (ate:i miss your dress!!!)
at least mom agreed to be photographed. she's one of those people who throws a hollywoodish snare when a paparazzo snaps but at the end of the day whines that they don't have a single picture or glances while you're downloading and whips 'wag yan pangit ako dyan' ahhh, moms.

i'm sooo glad my birthday didn't fall on a september. heavy rains, heavy rains.
it's midnight now. sleepy and scared, the silence is plain eerie and creepy.

toodles everyone and have a happy sunday. or take it from juno, spritz on clinique happy if you're feeling low.


Elaine said...

Looks like you had a great time! happy birthday to your mom!!!! Adn that cake DOES look delicious! :D

Jayde said...

thanks a bunch elaine:)ammana try your scarf-belt trick one of this days.