19 October 2009

baubled up.

excluding my life, i believe i am really good at organizing my bauble. it is my passion..nah.haha. for a girl who has spent her entire savings in cindy carol and marcella, must've learned a thing or two in taking care of my accessories.
i do get bauble-block sometimes. how funny is that. do you get that too?

at this minute, this is my 'it'neckwear.
can be worn just as it is.

if i'm feeling vintage-ey, i'd add this cameo brooch from my lola.

classic twist. black ribbon looped within the chains. i like.

folks, this is the closest that i can get to DIY-ing.
i'm not crafty at all.


Diane said...

omg i love that ribbon/chain necklace! so lovely!

Jayde said...

gee, thanks:) random ribbon sitting in my room.