24 November 2010

little tin soldier

i am happy to bring you linda of little tin soldier. thanks sooo much linda!
i won't be doing any justice to this post if the illustration didn't go first, after all it is little tin soldier's signature look. i've been introduced to her blog while we were both doing kendi's 30 for 30 summer challenge and from that time on i'm a constant viewer. since she's from texas, we pretty much carry on the same weather thus i can relate very well to her outfit choices. working as a pre-school teacher and a great illustrator at that, she manages to breeze the day with effortless elan.
i love the play of black, gold and  how she wore her cream scarf together with her funky belt. it's very laid back and tropic-friendly and i can see this as an after five outfit too!

if you wanna join the LBD challenge, email your photos here:
indarapats@gmail.com. this runs until DEC 5.


jac said...

always love your outfits linda.

you always look effortless in your styling.plus,love that you are a pre-school teacher.andddddddddd J'ADORE all your illustrations and necklaces!

Meera said...

What a beautiful outfit! Love the illustration, too.
Lovely blog! Hope you check out/follow mine.