05 December 2010

annesterr (le heartbreaks and cashmere)

from singapore with love part deux is my uberstylista friend anne of annesterr.
anne is one of the few i know who can wear heels for 8 straight hours with such ease. she glides as if she's just wearing flats! she's the epitome of a girly-girl. perpetually made up from lashes to toes, always prim in her dresses, forever changing nail and lip color, it's impossible not to acquire her girly ways i tell you! and if loving pink is a crime, she'd be in jail right this minute! that's why i'm thrilled to see her wear black hmmm maybe i should wear some pink instead:)
lovelovelove her bag! it gelled the outfit seamlessly.i adore the subtle hints of gold, brown and cream too.this LBD post is very city girl chic don't you agree?


J A I M I E said...

GG Anne's stylish... :) always preppy and chic. xo

anne said...

thanks mother, i cant wait for your lbd pics.. its fabulous for sure. muah. :)